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Kalette and Ricotta Galette.

A delicious and easy one-pan recipe for a crispy kalette and ricotta Galette

Barbecued potato and kalette salad with salmon

For a fresh and healthy dish try this delicious barbecued potato and kalette salad with salmon!

Roasted drumsticks with stir-fried kalettes

Serve these sticky chicken drumsticks with stir-fried kalettes and steamed rice.

Charred kalette and barley salad

For a fresh and healthy salad try this delicious charred kalette and barley dish, served with feta and pepitas.

Warm Winter Salad of Roasted Kalettes and Stilton

A warm Winter salad with roasted kalettes, red onions and Stilton cheese. Served with pomegranate seeds and hazelnuts and a tangy red wine vinegar dressing, this salad is perfect for entertaining over the holiday

Pan-fried kalette & chorizo

To transform this pan-fried kalette and chorizo dish into a hearty Winter meal, we've added creamy mashed potatoes, but if you're after a lighter on your hips option, substitute the mashed potato with cooked quinoa. Enjoy!