Pick, pack, eat

Our Process

At Fresh Select we believe there’s a lot more to growing our vegetables than simply planting a seed, watering it and waiting for the sunshine to work its magic.

Our onsite agronomist starts the process long before a seed is planted, to ensure optimum crop production.

Fresh Select’s supply chain process has been carefully developed with our end products — and company values — in mind.

First, we plant the right variety of seed at the right time of year, nurturing and monitoring crops using accredited quality systems.

Then, our crops are harvested in line with sales and quality checked, vacuum cooled in just 20 minutes – faster cooling means fresher produce – before being packed and stored at optimum temperature for transportation.

Finally, they are delivered straight to the customer. There’s no waiting around at Fresh Select!

Environmental to the core

Tackling continuing environmental challenges we are pioneers of new farming technologies, committed to developing sustainable farming techniques and educating our growers on important details like soil health and infield packaging.

From eliminating polystyrene from the supply chain to employing ‘good’ insects to control the population of bad ones, we are at the forefront of farming innovations — and we will scour the world to find them.