Barbecued caulini salad with grilled grapes and-pistachios

An oldy, but a goody – here’s a fabulous recipe from Andy Allen, from Andy Allen cooks, Masterchef judge and Farm to Fork host


400g caulini
1 bunch red grapes
100g pistachios
1 eschalot, peeled and thinly sliced
1 bunch of fresh mint, leaves picked
Zaatar, to garnish

200ml vegetable oil
100ml red wine vinegar
2 tbs honey
2 tbs dijon mustard
Salt and pepper


Preheat a BBQ grill plate.
Meanwhile, separate the caulini into large florets. Give it a good drizzle with olive oil and a hefty sprinkle of sea salt and place it on the grill plate for 6 minutes, turning to char all sides evenly.

Add the bunch of grapes on the stalk onto the grill plate and cook for 8-10 minutes, turning until charred on most sides.
Remove the grapes from the BBQ and when cool enough to handle, cut the grapes in half.

To make the dressing, whisk together the red wine vinegar, honey, mustard and salt and pepper.
Slowly drizzle in the vegetable oil and continue to whisk away until everything is emulsified together.

Assembling the salad.
Throw your caulini, sliced eschalots, mint leaves, half a handful of pistachios and halved grapes into a large mixing bowl.
Splash in a couple of tablespoons of the dressing and season the mix with salt and pepper.
Gently mix the salad, place it into a bowl and give it a light dusting with zaatar to finish.

Recipe from Andy Allen